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2024 Auditions - Wednesday 22nd November, 2023

RSD Studios is one of the leading elite training studios in Melbourne. We focus on developing students to ensure they are versatile, professional and technical performers. Students work closely with some of Melbourne's leading industry performers in all styles of modern dance.


Junior Performance Team

Inter Performance Team

Senior Performance Team

Mini Elites

Junior Elites

Pre-teen Elites

Teen Elite

Junior Company

Senior Company


In 2024, we will also be auditioning for our Competition Ballet Troupes and Hip Hop Troupe. There will be two troupes:

  • Junior Ballet Competition team

  • Inter / Senior Ballet Competition team

  • Advanced Hip Hop Troupe (Preteen age and above)


About the auditions

The auditions run from 1 - 1.5 hours - depending on the student's age and incorporates some technique and dance which the students will demonstrate in front of myself and other senior teachers. 

The format of the auditions include:


  • Technique 

  • 1 or 2 Routines in separate styles

  • Improv - this is when music is played and students will be asked to dance for approx 30 sec.

  • Trick line (demonstrate any acro skills or impressive technique). 

We are not necessarily looking for the best tricks - but some moves that can show students best skills (leg mounts, splits, jete's etc). 

This is something that can be worked on before the audition and practised multiple times.

This is open to our existing students as well as students outside RSD. 

If students have any friends or family who would love to join our troupes, please ask them to apply.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Please email us at

Please fill in the form below if you would like to register for an audition:

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